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Welcome to Consulting Done Right

Whether you are looking to start your own Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company, re-charge your comp plan or need a marketing strategy that works, Dr. Keith Laggos has the knowledge to help you get it “Done Right.”

Use this site to learn how Dr. Keith Laggos’ MLM expertise can help propel your direct sales experience into the stratosphere by developing extensive downlines, lucrative compensation plans and strategies that will have potential leads as well as customers beating a path to your door. There are three differences that set Dr. Keith Laggos apart from the rest, these three differences are why Dr. Laggos has consistently proven that he offers: CONSULTING DONE RIGHT

Experience the 3 Differences

Starting your own company?

Want to re-charge your comp plan?

Need a marketing strategy that works!

Difference 1:

Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Party Plan or Multi-Level – it doesn’t make a difference. Dr. Keith Laggos believes a company in this industry must have marketing as its primary focus. From that perspective, you design your product lines, marketing strategy, compensation plan, budgets and business plan. After all, you can have the best products and compensation plan, but without a great marketing strategy to reach your primary product and opportunity markets, you are sure to fail. Dr. Laggos has worked with and seen tens of thousands of companies. The best products, the best compensation plans do not always succeed. The best marketing does!

Difference 2:

Many consultants try to keep their clients in the dark. By doing that they can keep them on retainer as long as possible. Others promise a lot, but deliver little or drag everything out so long that t...

Consulting Done Right
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 The results are in and there were a few surprises. Network Marketing Business Journal (NMBJ) conducted a recent industry-wide survey with a few objectives. We wanted to know how informed distributors were and how much they understood the industry. We...


 It is nothing new for direct sales and network marketing companies to receive negative press, which often demonstrates a negative bias against direct sales or an influence by one of the media’s larger advertisers from a competing industry to th...


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